A lot of discussion took place in today’s class and a lot of examples were also given in today’s time.

I would just like to say that when I was a senior in High School I was learning how to be a soccer coach and I had a mentor who has worked with some players of the women’s national team and is also a somewhat high ranked coach in the U.S. However, he and I had many heated conversations (we rarely saw eye to eye since he was vary in sync with the patriarchy idea and men are always right). One particular conversation was about how I may be a good enough coach one day to be his assistant coach and he told me “I will never have a female assistant coach.” And when I asked why he began to proceed to tell me to look at all the top coaches, whether in basketball or soccer, and to tell him how many of those coaches were female. He went into a lot more details, but the basis was that females were too emptiness and involved in the “warm” and “fuzzies” or the sport and therefore weren’t capable of coaching successful, professional teams.

For any athletes that are interested in the topic of “warm and fuzzies” when it comes to coaches being soft on players or being accused of “being their friend,” this was a video that was sent to me from one of my High School coaches with whom I shared the previous conversation with. If you don’t know who the speaker in the video is, he is considered a top 2 or 3 coach in the NBA and he has won an NBA Championship with the Celtics as a coach.


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