Collaborative Article. Boom.

Hello Scansion Experts,

There is new/reiterated information about your collaborative project in Canvas and above under the Assignments tab.

Choose Dates/Topics for Applied Theory Posts!

This is another Doodle poll; for each theory listed, up to three students may sign up.  The link for the 9:30 section is here, and the link for the 11:00 section is here.

The basic gist of this assignment is as follows:  Each student will be assigned to one specific theoretical movement early in the semester and a schedule will be posted on the blog.  On the day we read about that theory, you will post to the blog an analysis of a film, song, or children’s book that is clearly informed by the theoretical questions and vocabulary for that critical group.  500-750 words.

Canvas now has an assessment rubric for this assignment, and there is a word document with the assessment criteria on the Rubrics page under Assignments above.

Psychoanalytic Theory and Marxist Theory, both in Week 3, are available if you want to do this assignment early!

What Do You Mean You Haven’t Posted Yet?

muppets read posterThis post initiates discussion on our course blog, which is shared by the two sections of 295 that I am teaching this fall.  This is a rich collaborative space, on which we may continue threads of conversation from class, publish assignments, respond personally to the literature or theory, ask questions, link pertinent outside materials, and more.  Words I might use to characterize my expectations of the blog are active; dialogic; fluid; capacious; self-motivated; collective.  Get going.