Adrienne’s Feminist Applied theory post

Strap in kiddo’s we’re talking about first date by Blink 182


We all know that blink 182 is awesome but did you realize that they also subvert  some gendered norms and encourage others? Interestingly, the song never mentions the gender of the person that is going on the date, but that is and aside for another post. The very first line notes that the dude person is waiting for his date in his car. This is a patriarchal norm that the man is suppose to pick up his date for a dinner (movie, whatever) that he will pay for. It’s cool though that he values their (in this case a gender neutral pronoun not a plural) opinion and consent when it comes to hand holding and the state of his hair and dress. The fact that he doesn’t ever use gendered words for his date because the video is doing strange things with yper masculinity and gayness. He’s worried enough about her perception of him that he cannot eat, but the very next line he’s exclaiming about how great the date has gone and how he doesn’t want it to ever end. Strange but not unusual. It’s cute that he melts inside when they smile, but what does it mean when he doesn’t want to think about them being able to lie. It is holding the date up to a rather high standard because we are all capable of lying and they probably have lied during this first date in one way or another.

Now onto the video itself. There are some instances of male gaze which we talked about a little bit in class and I included a cool little video about below, just in case you were unclear. The first instance of a woman being a sex object is in moment 0.36 which is a cut off shot of boobs and a short skirt. These contrast quite nicely with the power shots of the band members at the very beginning of the video. The second male gaze is much like the first in second 0.54 and that’s just a shot of a girl’s rack. So you see two very clear instances of male gaze before the first minute of the song is up. Not long after (1.04) you see a blonde woman’s butt followed by a shot of her sucking down what looks to be a milkshake. Do I even need to comment on that? Then a couple of shots later the lead singer is shown grabbing his crotch and thrusting at the camera. I wonder what that could mean. One of the only shots of a woman that is not sexualized is in moment 1.43 and that’s probably because she does not fit with the patriarchal beauty standards that the rest of the women have neatly fit into. And then she falls on her face. Like wow obviously she is not being valued and doesn’t really deserve to be so because she doesn’t present the way that these men value. Also no one even went on a date. The song is about a first date and being nervous but the video was about dudes being shitty. I’m not really sure what this gap means from a feminist perspective, but I am sure I’m mad about it.

[youtube][/youtube] this is just a cool thing that the internet has done about male gaze