Change to Applied Theory Post Assignment

Hey folks–

I am changing the TIME that the applied theory post will be due, starting this week.  Instead of being due before class on the assigned day/theory, the posts will be due no later than midnight on that day (that is, AFTER class if you wish to wait).

Richter Reading

I connected immediately with Richter as a child that grew up with her nose in a book but also thought it was for fun rather than for life. Although I was a late reader due to California’s reading system, but soon caught up and surpassed my peers. Since second grade I have always had a book with me, whether assigned or for pleasure, I am always reading. I started as a Psychology and Anthropology major and only recently became an English major. I returned to what I was best t in High School and what I knew best. I live among similes and allusions; they are my life-blood. I read to escape into my world that is made up of the many worlds I have read about. I read to return home. I read for pleasure and I write to give pleasure. I write and read to better understand myself and others.