What’s a Play but a Play on Words?

As I said at the end of class today, “What is the point of Sarah Ruhl’s drama, Passion Play?”. I get confused, while reading, trying to figure out Sarah Ruhl’s purpose in writing Passion Play. Professor Scanlon said today in class that what we might ask ourselves is how does Sarah Ruhl “plays” on scripting and choice within her play. I took that as Scanlon saying, look at how Ruhl uses metatheatricality in her drama to emphasize the tension between scripting and making the conscious decision to choose your scripting. However, I’m not sure and I would love a response to what you all think the play is about. Unfortunately I took closely to the school of deconstructive theory and I have been working off of how the play unravels itself and because of that Ruhl is creating a nonsensical play that unwinds like a string with so many ends it is hard to tell what is being casted for the audience to understand.