Change to Applied Theory Post Assignment

Hey folks–

I am changing the TIME that the applied theory post will be due, starting this week.  Instead of being due before class on the assigned day/theory, the posts will be due no later than midnight on that day (that is, AFTER class if you wish to wait).

Choose Dates/Topics for Applied Theory Posts!

This is another Doodle poll; for each theory listed, up to three students may sign up.  The link for the 9:30 section is here, and the link for the 11:00 section is here.

The basic gist of this assignment is as follows:  Each student will be assigned to one specific theoretical movement early in the semester and a schedule will be posted on the blog.  On the day we read about that theory, you will post to the blog an analysis of a film, song, or children’s book that is clearly informed by the theoretical questions and vocabulary for that critical group.  500-750 words.

Canvas now has an assessment rubric for this assignment, and there is a word document with the assessment criteria on the Rubrics page under Assignments above.

Psychoanalytic Theory and Marxist Theory, both in Week 3, are available if you want to do this assignment early!

Technology prep

I’ve been thinking about some of the delays in tech training and realized that we can be more efficient if folks take care of basic registration first.  So if you are brand new to UMWblogs, please try to do the following before class on Thursday:

1) click on Register to the right under the heading Meta

2) This will take you to a page in UMWblogs.  Enter a username and your UMW email address.

3) Agree to the terms of the system, and then click on “Just a username”

4) you will get an email to your umw account that should allow you to authenticate the request (NOTE: some students today had trouble with this because the new student email system is breaking links.  If it gives you an error message, you could try forwarding it to another email address before authenticating, or you can copy the link and paste it in your browser.)

5) then you will get a temporary password  for UMWblogs via email.

6) Come back to THIS blog, and log in using your user name and password

7) you should then get an Add Me! button under the heading Join the Blog, which you should click

8) you can change your password by clicking on your name in the upper-right corner of the blog to get to your profile.

And guess what?  All of this info is also available above under Tech HowTo